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With each Bin Sticker you buy, you’ll also be buying Clean Water for Life

Wheelie bin stickers. It’s what our Australian company has done for over 5 years, so really understand how to make bin stickers that stand up week after week as your wheelie bin is pushed out onto the street. Firstly, we use a special high tack-vinyl (not paper) with extra adhesive power to make sure it sticks. Once printed, we then apply a UV resistant matte coating to give the sticker extra life and protect it from the sun. So sure, you might find cheaper products on the market, but you won’t find a better wheelie bin sticker for the price than ours.

But our value doesn’t stop at the quality. We have also developed an internet module to allow you to design your very own bin sticker on-line. Add a picture or text, change the colour, adjust the position, and make a bin sticker a personal one-of-a-kind. Alternatively, if all you want is a simple number, we can help you out there too. And remember, for every full bin sticker you buy, you’ll also be buying clean water for people living in poverty.

We hope you enjoy browsing through the website and have a Wheelie Good Day.

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See How to Design Your Wheelie Bin Sticker

Watch the demo to see how easy it is to create a design that will transform your wheelie bin. Of course, we are always happy to provide additional help if you need it or even if you would like us to design your bin sticker for you instead. Just email us at All questions are welcome.

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Buy a Wheelie Sticker and You'll also be Giving Life

When you purchase a bin sticker from, you'll also be buying clean water for a person living in poverty in Northern Ethiopia. So not only will you be making a difference to Your Street with a "Stand Out Bin Sticker", but you'll also be making the world beyond Your Street a better place.

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Stickers Made To Survive

What makes our wheelie stickers so special compared to other ordinary stickers in the marketplace, is that we make them from a robust vinyl and then apply a UV resistant laminate so they can easily survive in a harsh outdoor "wheelie bin" environment.

Your Wheelie Bin Sticker

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Business on a Bin

Bin stickers are a distinctive way to advertise your business or organisation. There are a number of different ways we can bring your business to your bin.

  • Design Your Stickers On-line
  • Your design in-house, we print
  • We help design your sticker, we print
  • Bin sticker websites for your business
  • Fund Raising Wheelie Stickers
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